SWORN TRANSLATORS appointed by the French Courts

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is used for an unlimited number of people.

Consecutive interpretation involves reproducing in another language the speaker’s words after they have finished speaking.

Sitting among the participants, the interpreter listens to the speaker’s observations and, usually assisted by notes taken during the speech to help reproduce the words as closely as possible, they relay these observations in another language.

The interpreter is provided with the appropriate material (e.g., a microphone or Infoport system).

The duration of the speech is somewhat variable but, ideally, it is preferable to allow the interpreter to translate every 5 to 10 minutes. In this way, the audience does not get bored and the interpreter is able to build on well-structured developments, necessary for a good translation.

Consecutive interpretation is ideal for meetings where there is a limited amount of translation (working or business lunch, very technical meetings, smaller meetings or site visits).

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SWORN TRANSLATORS appointed by the French Courts