SWORN TRANSLATORS appointed by the French Courts

Attestation de vaccination

Due to Covid-19, the Border Police may ask you for an up-to-date vaccination certificate at the time of boarding.

AB Traduction takes care of the certified translation by a sworn translator of your vaccination certificate or your health record. The official translation of your document can be sent to various administrations in France and abroad.

Please note that the authenticity of the vaccine certificates linked to Covid-19 is verified at the vaccination center.

Certified translation of your PCR test

AB Traduction is also at your service for the sworn translation of your PCR test. The translation of this document may be required when applying for a visa or when traveling to a foreign country.

AB Traduction’s sworn translators perform certified translations of all your Covid-19 tests. These translations will be accepted by all authorities and organisations such as airline companies, customs or the Border Police.

Are you going abroad and want to have this type of document translated? Do not hesitate to send us your vaccination certificates, health record or PCR test to get your free quote. The certified translation will be sent to you by mail, you will also receive a scanned copy by email.

SWORN TRANSLATORS appointed by the French Courts