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SWORN TRANSLATORS - AB TRADUCTION has a network of 160 Translators at your service

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Send your documents for translation to info@ab-traduction.com; an accurate and detailed estimate will be sent to you within a few minutes.

If you have questions about official formalities or you simply want advice, AB TRADUCTION can rapidly answer your questions and provide you with information to assist you in your affairs both in France and abroad.

Absolute confidentiality

Your documents are important and should remain confidential.

AB TRADUCTION is committed to keeping all documents confidential.

Confidentiality is total and absolute.

Sworn Translations

Sworn translators are expert translators who have been certified by the courts and tribunals. They are qualified to provide what are known as certified or sworn translations.

These are official translations of administrative documents and bear the official stamp of the sworn translator, as well as a Ne Varietur number, his/her signature and the date.

Notaries, local governments, courts, universities, Consulates and many other authorities may require you to provide sworn translations of official documents (e.g. criminal records, driving licenses, degree certificates, academic transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, decrees of divorce, contracts, bank statements, balance sheets, Kbis etc.) when applying for equivalent qualifications, naturalisation, foreign driving licenses and visas etc.

Sworn translations and standard translations

In the course of your business you may need to have contracts, commercial documents, websites and correspondence translated by a standard professional translator without an official stamp.

Your documents will be translated by professionals specialising in the subject matter and translating into their native language.

However, for official and administrative matters, only certified and sworn translations are recognised by the authorities, and they must be stamped and certified by an approved sworn translator.

For professionals

AB TRADUCTION provides companies with translation and interpretation services. We can draw on a pool of 160 highly experienced professional translators and interpreters to translate large volumes of text for very short deadlines.

We can translate your balance sheets, brochures and sales literature into over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Arabic, as well as Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew.

Your deadlines are important, we are committed to meeting them. We also provide express delivery services for urgent documents.

For professionals

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