SWORN TRANSLATORS appointed by the French Courts

Interpreting and conference materials

Interpreting permits people who do not speak the same language to communicate during an informal meeting or conference, at a court hearing, for an administrative procedure, etc.

Unlike translators working with the written language, interpreters have to deliver, as quickly and accurately as possible, the speaker’s comments and, at the same time, must demonstrate flexibility, culture, the ability to analyse and perfect mastery of the languages involved.

Interpretation, whether simultaneous, consecutive or liaison, requires much more than just mastering the language. It involves communication skills and the ability to ensure the ideas expressed in speech flow from one language into the other.

AB TRADUCTION offers you professional business, conference or technical interpreters for all your international events: Trade Fairs, Congresses, Symposiums, Meetings, Board Meetings, etc., either in France or abroad.

These conference interpreters are able to provide the final touch in perfecting your event and deliver impeccable quality.

SWORN TRANSLATORS appointed by the French Courts